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The prices below only apply to the Oslo Design Fair. Contact us by email if you have questions regarding prices for Oslo Design Fair or Oslo Contract & Furniture Fair. All prices are listed in NOK per sqm, and are ex. VAT. Prices will be adjusted with the consumer price index every year.

See premium placement map (in Norwegian).

Minimum stand size is 12 square meters, 3 × 4 meters. We will strive for the desired stand size, but can not guarantee this. Length and width may differ from your order, and you must let us know if length and width are absolute for you. If you have a co-exhibitor at the stand, the minimum stand size is 24 sqm, the co-exhibitor must be registered via the registration form.

What do you have to calculate of extra cost? Here you will find an overview of what is included and not in the stand rent.

The front part of hall C is our concept part. Here, stands will have an included general lighting in light rig. Stands that are drawn in with a wall will have 3 meter high carpentry wooden walls as standard. It is only allowed to cover up to 30% of each open sides. Stand height above 2.5 m (standard height) must be approved. Drawings and specifications of height must be sent to us by email. NB! Separate rules apply to the concept part in hall C. In case of violation, a 20% fee will be invoiced based on their stand rent, as compensation to affected exhibitors.

The registration fee is NOK 4,200 per trade fair. When registering for three fairs at the same time, the registration fee is reduced to NOK 4,200 for a total of three fairs. All prices are excl. VAT. Registration fee is invoiced upon registration and is non-refundable. The stand rent is invoiced to the main exhibitor in its entirety.

Registration fee NOK 6,000, and invoiced upon registration. Failure to register a co-exhibitor will result in a fee of NOK 10,000.

Invoice for registration fee is sent out upon registration Invoice for stand rental is sent out 2 months before the fair Due date is 14 days from invoice date Interest on arrears at current rates is charged after maturity.

In case of cancellation, the exhibitor is liable for the total stand rental and registration fee. The total stand rent and registration fee are calculated on the gross sum and any discounts will therefore be waived. If you choose to cancel 1 month before opening or later, you are also liable for the total stand rent and registration fee based on the gross sum without discounts, but there is also a cancellation fee of NOK 10,000.

This is a supplement to the existing trade fair and is held in parallel with the Oslo Design Fair. Oslo Contract & Furniture Fair has its own hall, that are adapted to the target group. Here we will facilitate that the project market gets a new meeting place to create contacts, meet friends and new partners. Oslo Contract & Furniture Fair has its own prices and conditions. Contact us by email for more information and prices. Stands in Oslo Contract & Furniture Fair will have an included general lightning in light rig without walls.