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The Return of Cosy


What does it take to make a home cosy and why this renewed interest in cosiness, both internationally and in Norway? From 28 to 31 January 2016, Oslo Design Fair will be exploring the theme of “The Return of Cosy” with a special trend show and as part of the professional programme.


Most Norwegians know what it means to “be cosy”. Although the closest English translation is “cosy”, the Norwegian word koselig is more than just “nice” or “cosy”, it says something about how we feel, it is a distinctly Norwegian word and describes a mood. It can be used to describe good company, the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends or loved ones, with a fire in the grate and candles on the table. Or it could be a feeling of warmth and contentment. How to be cosy has become a popular topic in the international media. The theme of the latest book published by the lifestyle magazine Kinfolk is Slow Living, market-leading Monocle Magazine has recently published The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes, while Fast Company describes koselig as “the best parts of Christmas, without all the stress”, when they explain how we Norwegians enjoy ourselves during the cold season.

The home is a place where we can recharge our batteries, a place that should make us feel safe, calm and energised. We surround ourselves with beautiful, lasting things that mean something to us – and create a positive atmosphere. We are moving away from cold, minimalist trends towards something warmer and more personal. The main ingredients are green plants, tactile fabrics, use of colour, authentic materials and good craftsmanship. We will see a richer and more varied look, while our homes will become more traditional. Traditional, because we will mix old and new, with a renewed interest in good materials and quality craftsmanship. We are experiencing a reaction to the cold and the monochrome – also in youthful, modern homes. Things will be warmer, more personal and cosier.

Trend show
To interpret this year’s theme “The Return of Cosy”, Oslo Design Fair has invited a group of Norway’s best interior stylists to explore these currents and create the fair’s trend show. The glass street at the fair will showcase three different “cosy” living rooms. Per Olav Sølvberg, freelance interior lifestyle and food stylist, interior stylist Hege Barnholt and photographer/graphic designer Bjørn Johan Stenersen from 2athome and Christina Hærra, stylist and interior designer, will each give us their interpretation of koselig.

Professional programme
The professional programme will explore what cosy means in different ways. Speakers and guests will include Nathan Williams, Editor and Creative Director of Kinfolk, Finn Scjhøll, floral designer and television personality, Hanna Nova Beatrice, author and Editor-in-Chief of Residence, Nina Witoszek, professor at the University of Oslo’s Centre for Environment and Development, and Einar Nilsson, versatile craftsman/designer from the popular home decorating television show Tid for Hjem and the exciting debate series Norway Designs NÅ!

Introducing the trend show stylists
Per Olav Sølvberg was born and raised in Nordfjord, but currently lives in Bergen with his wife, 4 children and 2 dogs. He works as a freelance interior, lifestyle and food stylist for both commercial and private clients. You can find his blog and portfolio at

Hege Barnholt and Bjørn Johan Stenersen are partners in life but also a team at work. Hege has more than 20 years’ experience as an interior stylist, and takes both commercial and editorial assignments. Bjørn Johan is a graphic designer/photographer and has extensive experience heading design agencies. They have published several books together, and since 2014, they have run a blog at, under the Bo Bedre lifestyle magazine.

Christina Hærra lives in Oslo, happily married with three children and a cat. Christina has worked as a stylist and interior designer for the last 12 years. She has extensive experience styling for magazines, advertising, the contract market and for private homes.

Photos: Siren Lauvdal Styling: Kirsten Visdal



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